Thursday, 23 October 2014

10 Android Apps You Must Have


1. ES File Explorer 

ES File Explorer

This app is best available file manager in the market.Good
thing is this its FREE . It provides many functions
such as application manager, cloud storage client, task killer,
download manager.It also provides access to pictures, music
video and many other files on Android devices. User can  
also access home PC using Wifi with SMB. User can share 
thier mobile data with thier friends. Getures are plus point 
of ES file Explorer. Its also provide text viewer and editor as 

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  2. WPS Office

WPS Office

This app is currently ruling all over other office apps out 
there.WPS office can open almost any document 
including PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, Word. You can view your 
file as it is like in Computer(Though its depend on that same 
feature is available in the app). You can create Awesome 
document while your are travelling(Its supports 
 microsoft docx,pptx,xls). Sharing of document is  
 available.Works with both bluetooth and USB keybroad.
You can access and edit document from your cloud drive. 





3. PicsArt


PicsArt is most popular photo editing app for android mobile
As app says "PicsArt photo studio - where everyone
become great artist!". Update of this app regulary provided 
with new features. The versatltity of this app is amazing 
with photo editing, drawing tool, collage maker and drawcam.
♦ Photo editor (wide array of effects, text tool, layer, frames).
♦ Allow you to make collage in free form and grids.
It allow you to combine real-time photo with layers, drawing,





4. MX player

MX Player

A great video player.It will play almost any video format 
you throw at it. MX player provide awesome feature 
like hardware acceleration, subtitle gestures,lock screen, 
Multicore decoding.
Lock screen - This is useful to block any accidental key 
entry while you are watching videos.
Pinch to zoom in and out and swiping across the screen. 
You can use hardware decoder for hardware accelaeration.
Multicore decoding is best for dual core devices. MX 
support many subtitle formats like subRip(.srt), 
subviewer 2.0(.sub), powerdivX(.psd/.txt) etc.

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5. SoundCloud


 SoundCloud is online distributing platform.It allow muscian 
to share recording with each other. It will naviagte you 
to explore trending music and audio of any genre. Its 
amazing feature let you add favorites for later playback. 
You can browse tracks on basises of genre as well.It 
provide play, pause and skip tracks from lock screen.You 
can follow your friends what are they listening.
According to USA Today - "SoundCloud is a 
sharing machine. Remember the early days of audio 
online - when you have to download the Real Player or 
Window Media player to listen? The days of 
downloading before listeing are over."

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6. Any.Do Task List & To-do List Task List & To do List

We're all busy. Busy creating Stuff To Do lists and 
sticking them in our bags, on the front door, in our 
back pockets and tapping them into note apps 
on our phones. is the best way to keep on 
top of all those loose ends, thanks to its cloud 
syncing and sharing skills. have 
awesome features Speech recognition, Web App 
access on your computer, Alerts, Moment, 
Snooze tasks, Google Task Sync, Notes, Sub tasks, 
Amazing Widgets, Repeating / Recurring Tasks. You 
can have it running as a live widget on your homescreen 
and also separate your tasks into different folders.





7. Evernote


Evernote is your digital multitool. It’s a great list 
keeper, note taker, voice recorder, to-do manager, 
and web clipper. It's so open and powerful that it's 
overwhelming at first, but you'll quickly find smart 
ways to use it. Its most famous feature is Optical 
Character Recognition, which makes text in photos 
searchable. While you can use Evernote for 
just about everything, you might start to feel that 
a standalone app will serve you better. 








8. Dropbox


As Android moves closer to home computer territory, 
syncing photos, music and work documents is increasingly 
important. As a free service, Dropbox offers 2GB of 
pleasingly simple online storage which is automatically 
synced whenever you log in from any of your devices – very 
useful for occassional file transfers, semi-permanent 
documents and shared folders. The Android app is nothing 
fancy but it doesn't need to be, getting the job done without 






9. Wifi File Transfer

Wifi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files 
to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection.
We find it the easiest way to move files wirelessly 
to and from a computer and an Android device on an 
ad-hoc basis. The free version has a file size limit of 5MB, 
but you can buy the full, unlimited version for $0.96/Rs 59.










10. Pocket


Pocket lets you save webpages for offline reading. It's 
super-easy to use, installing a shortcut into your mobile 
browser so you can send articles over to it with a click; 
extensions for desktop browsers are also available, so 
if something catches your eye at work you can whisk it 
over to the app for reading on the commute home. Once 
in the app you can easily share articles with other people
or to social media and it'll even strip out ads from the 
articles if you want it to. Frankly, we can't imagine life 
without it.


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